Book Reading with Antoinette Foxworthy

Book Reading with Antoinette Foxworthy

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Please join Antoinette in the newly opened Visitor Centre on December 7th at 2 PM as she returns to the room that used to be her library to read from her new book.

Antoinette, at age thirty-nine, while traveling to beautiful Victoria, spotted a peaceful lawn setting from the fourth floor turret at Craigdarroch Castle.  Leaving the castle she discovered that the lawn she had enjoyed from the turret was the side yard of the adjacent house.  She thought, “If ever I’m going to pursue my writing, wouldn’t that be the ideal place.” It was for sale. 

In addition to writing a book and short stories she opened up Antoinette’s Bed and Breakfast so that others could enjoy the tranquil setting of her 1913 home in the shadow of the castle.


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Seating is limited so reservations are required and can be made by calling 250.592.5323

The Visitor Center multipurpose room is wheelchair accessible however the Castle is not.