Join us September 27th for Baseball in the Time of Craigdarroch

Join us September 27th for Baseball in the Time of Craigdarroch

Confederation in Canada and the Civil War in the United States led to profound socio-economic upheaval in the final three decades of the Nineteenth Century.  Growth in venture capital,  an emerging middle class, and generally stabilized urban societies created a new oligopoly which enabled hundreds of talented immigrants each year to escape the dangers and drudgery of mines, factories, and rail yards.  These emerging celebrities were paid high wages, by working-class standards, to be the stars of what is now officially call Major League Baseball.  That their exploits could easily be updated so that they could join their Twenty First Century counterparts will be proven by Dr. Seth C. Hawkins, Director of the Julian H. Sleeper House Museum, a Craigdarroch-era heritage site in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Dr. Hawkins is the celebrity baseball fan who has been present for more MLB milestones and records than anyone in the last sixty-five years.  He is a former University administrator and competitive speaking coach. 

Admission by donation - Reservations being taken in August - seating is limited so please call 250.592.5323 to reserve your seat(s)

This event will take place in the dance hall on the 4th floor. There are 87 stairs and no ramps or elevators.


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